Celtic Culture Working Group

Betsy Coleman (Co-Chair) New Brunswick Highland Games Festival
Marilyn Driscoll (Co-Chair) Irish Canadian Cultural Association of NB
Shelley Chase Garrison Hill Entertainment
Bryan MacLean Greater Moncton Scottish Association

Creating an environment where New Brunswick’s Celtic customs and traditions are understood and celebrated by the larger community, the purpose of the Celtic Culture Working Group is to promote and celebrate this culture through education, promotion and opportunities for community, business and individual involvement.

Acknowledging that different target groups have different needs:  from those with no knowledge of Celtic culture to others with a basic understanding, to a minority who are heavily involved in some element of Celtic heritage, strategies and action plans will be developed through this Working Group to satisfy the immediate interests of this diverse potential clientele while providing opportunities for them to increase their knowledge and embrace the broader culture.

Areas of Celtic culture to be addressed through focussed strategies include:

  • Visual Arts – painting, sculpture, fabric arts
  • Performance Arts – music, dance, theatre arts, film
  • Literary Arts – poetry, essays, fiction and non-fiction
  • Celtic Sports – Scottish heavy sport competitions, Gaelic football, hurling, rowing, road bowling
  • Cultural practices – traditional food, dress and fine and cottage crafts
  • Family history

A major focus of this Working Group will be the planning, communication, coordination and monitoring of activities for an annual New Brunswick Celtic Awareness Week.

In order to fulfill the mandate of this Group, close coordination with all other Working Groups of the NBCAC is required as there is a high potential for overlapping objectives and complementary approaches.