Welcome to the New Brunswick Celtic Directory – the online source for Irish, Scottish and Welsh goods and services in New Brunswick.

The NB Celtic Directory operates as a one-stop listing to find organizations, individuals and businesses of Celtic goods and services available in the province of New Brunswick.  If you are, or know some one who is a Celtic entertainer, heritage organization, lecturer of Celtic topics, instructor of Celtic instruments, dance, art, etc., or if you are a wholesaler or retailer of Celtic-related products such as clothing, jewellery, musical insturments, etc.,  we encourage you to add your listing to this directory.

To have your Celtic service included in the Directory:

  1. Go to the Application for Inclusion page at: https://celticnb.ca/directory/apply_resource/ or Add an Entry
  2. Fill in the online form and hit "SUBMIT". If you have another resource to report under the same username (email address) and password, click on the "Add" button and complete the information for the additional entry.
  3. Using your username (email address) and password, you can come back, sign in, and update your entry(ies) in the Directory at any time. After a review for completeness and appropriateness, your entry will appear in the Directory and be available for anyone looking for your services (based on what you check off in your application). We hope to see you in the Directory soon!

To find a service in the Directory:

  1. Go to the Search page at: https://celticnb.ca/directory/search_resource/ or Search for an Entry and choose the category of the service you are looking for and the area of the province and hit "SEARCH" or just hit the "SEARCH" button on its own for a complete listing of Celtic goods and services available.

Please encourage anyone you know who provides a Celtic service – whether a musician, an instructor, a lecturer, a researcher, a restaurant/pub that serves Celtic foods and beverages, other Celtic businesses, etc. to enter their listing in the New Brunswick Celtic Service Directory – the one-stop shop for all things Celtic in New Brunswick.