New Brunswick Celtic Affairs Committee, Inc.

Representatives of three Celtic associations – the Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Scottish Cultural Association, and the Central New Brunswick Welsh Society– began meeting in 2010 to discuss common concerns. 

The primary concern was the perception that Celtic peoples could be lumped into being ‘English’, when that was just the language predominantly used by them.  This glossed over or just completely ignored the distinct histories and cultures of Celts who came to New Brunswick.

In 2012 the committee submitted a report to the provincial government calling for recognition of the historic and ongoing role of Celtic peoples in New Brunswick and to exploit the links Celts cultivate with the countries of their origins for the cultural and economic benefit of New Brunswick.

In 2016 the provincial government appointed  a minister responsible for Celtic Affairs  and has been working with the NB Celtic Affairs Committee since then.

In late 2017, the New Brunswick Celtic Affairs Committee, Inc. was registered in New Brunswick as a not-for–profit corporation.